4 Steps Down the Cross-Cultural Problem Spiral

by Brandi Moore on July 8, 2010

This video outlines the 4 steps companies encounter as cross cultural problems grow more and more unmanageable.

1.) Honeymoon.  Everyone is saving money.  Things appear fine.

2.) Little Dissatisfied.  Small inefficiencies are identified.  Canaries (lead communicators in organization) warn of larger problem.

3.) I have a problem.  Money is lost.  Problems are real such as delayed products, incorrect products being delivered, outbreaks of clashes inside teams, etc.

4.) I need a solution.  People are actively seeking a solution to the problem but are not convinced it can be solved.  Cross-Cultural communication is new to organizations building global competencies.  Investigating its strengths is a first time event for most companies.

The very complicated problems experienced at stage 4 can be fixed with the right approach which is what I also want to tell you about in this post.

IndiaThink offers very innovative approaches to understanding India’s Business Culture by combining the following services to bring an organization together around business culture differences.

1.) Intercultural Readiness Test.  A cutting edge instrument that reveals how each individual understands and manages cross cultural environments.  This assessment provides detailed feedback to each test taker and is at the forefront of developing global competencies.

2.) Training based on the result of step one.  Training teams to be global leaders based on identified needs of the organization and of their assessments.  Training can be online or in person.  Training online is for groups that want more consistent action and includes a once a month commitment.

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