Coming Soon: An Indian Car to a Dealer Near You

by Brandi Moore on July 5, 2009

“Mahindra’s American strategy is to offer high value and good milage from efficient diesel engines” NYT June 28, 2009

Goldman Sachs estimates that by 2020 one in six cars produced in the world will by bought by and insisted that the US will be driving them very soon. 

The Nano has been discussed extensively all over the web with excitement around mobilizing those with the capitol to purchase a motorcycle into a four wheel vehicle.  What we have heard little about is Mahindra & Mahindra’s plans to enter the US market by the end of the year with a sport utility vehicle and truck line. 

Mahindra’s plans focus on one work: DIESEL.  Its vehicles will run at reasonable cost points–around $25-30,000 and offer value and good milage. Mahindra could not have chosen a better time to enter the US market.  Owning a well versed line of SUVs and pick-ups that have trekked the roads of several countries beyond India, having product and production experience they are poised to enter when a void has appeared: dealers forced to close by Chrysler and GM who still want to be in business, but have been rejected by their franchise owner. 

The real question is…..How will the US public react?  Some dealers believe it will be difficult to cover truck owners to a new brand.  But what about locals?  People who saw their trusty GM dealer go under to emerge as a Mahindra speciality shop?  Will purchasing a Mahindra Pik-Up become a way to “act local”?  Will this be an experiment in a global company propping up a local community?

Mahindra owns Satyama, a list of global hotels, a industrial line of trucks and farm equipment, insurance firms, Financial firms, BPOs and many other lines of business….a huge conglomerate  that has so far been somewhat silent on the US shores.

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