Cross Cultural Communication: Challenges of Managing Time across Cultures

by Brandi Moore on December 25, 2011

Time orientation creates many problems in India and US business relationships that impact bottom line results. If you are working with an offshore team in India, you likely are experiencing unknown delays that are impacting your timing and budget.

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Different Time Orientations = Late project delivery.

A very common complaint from US managers: “no communication was sent regarding deadline risks.” This is a common problem but it also has a solution. Before your projects fall off the schedule you designed, take heart that most projects will be late without ACTIVE and ENGAGED cross-cultural management. In other words, don’t wait for the communication. Take action!

Indians feel very differently about time than Americans. The direct result? Your schedule is not interpreted in the same way in India. Time is not as important and is ignored. Projects begin to slip on deadlines.  Your budget blows up, bigger and bigger, and now the boss wants to know why things are going WRONG.

This is a direct result of business culture differences. When business culture differences exist, global leaders need a set of skills they can use to effectively navigate across cultures and develop the right tools to keep schedules on target and budgets under control.

Learn how to manage the offshore team by establishing a clear set of deadlines for a project that you can rely on.


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