Cross Cultural Management: Meetings in India

by Brandi Moore on December 25, 2011

India has a very different business culture from the US. This causes challenges that are not intentional, but none the less are extremely frustrating and make a lot of Americans feel like their project is spinning out of control.

This does not have to be the case – everyone can manage teams effectively if they have the right techniques and are aware of the challenges India’s business culture brings to the table.

In India time is perceived very differently.Time is somewhat irrelevant to the average Indian. There is little consideration about when something will happen, rather there is a sense that it will happen “when its supposed to.”

This sense encourages Indians to double and triple book their days with the intention that the meeting that is the MOST important being the one that he will attend when the hour arrives. This leaves many Americans waiting on empty conference calls completely confused about why no one has showed up — and further furious that she is wasting her time waiting!!

This doesn’t have to be the case! Learn how to master this challenge RIGHT NOW in our Online Academy.

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