Doing Business in India

When western firms enter India they must be prepared for its challenges. IndiaThink is delivers revenue generating results. The firm guides businesses that are starting out in India by focusing on the overlap of strategy, people and project management.  IndiaThink goes beyond cross-cultural lectures and theory to deliver impactful business results for our clients.

Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services focus on capitalizing on India’s strengths: emerging middle class marketplace and low cost labor forces. These strengths are a compelling draw to engage India. However, most executive teams need additional experience to make business strategies successful. The combined need of cross-cultural business skills and remote process management are complex but required.

Our firm has expertise on setting up the most effective systems including:

  • Strategies for attracting Indian talent based on the latest research of India’s top employers.
  • Developing an India organizational culture that retains talent.
  • Developing executive skills appropriate for leading Indian teams.
  • Installation of effective remote management systems that deliver projects on time.
  • Assessment of India’s marketplace opportunities.

The services the firm offers are designed for each individual client based on its organizational goals. We are focused on delivering bottom line results.

For more information about our coaching practice email us at info@indiathink.com or use our contact form.


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