Effective Cross Cultural Teams: India and US

Organizations can deliver revenue-achieving results inside the complexity of cross-cultural relationships when they develop the business skills required to manage them. This is critical inside India and US business relationships because India’s business culture differs so greatly from the expectations held by Americans. These differences impact relationships, time, delivery, management constructs, response times, and many other critical aspects of how organizations do business.

The firm guides organizations and their teams to effectively manage cross cultural relationships. The firms services are designed for each client’s to needs. In the past we have worked with firms to assist with:

  • Developing cohesive India and US teams
  • Developing processes for India and US teams to manage offshore projects that deliver on time.
  • Developing communication skills for US and India teams to establish a common language for effective business practices.
  • Developing project management teams that can effectively manage remote projects cost effectively.
  • Integrating HR practices across cultures to meet the cross-cultural needs of Indian and US teams.

IndiaThink works with both India and US firms. Our specialty is in Merger and Acquisition situations where one of the prime failures are cultural differences.

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