Executive Coaching: Cross Cultural skills for India

Executives managing India in-country or from afar face great challenges without an integrated approach to both understanding how Indian employees work and what practices are essential for the organization to be successful. India’s business culture is very different from the US, making it a great challenge without the proper preparation.

Our executive coaching practice is appropriate for Indians and Americans. Based on our experience this is a summary of the typical challenges:

American Executives with a weak understanding of India will

  • Quickly lose top talent inside India costing the organization through costs of training and recruiting.
  • Misunderstand the nuances of leadership in India will slow down the in-country team grinding projects to a halt.
  • Find the corruption in India impossible to manage.
  • Under-estimate the impact of their personal brand on the corporation’s brand.

Indian Executives with a weak understanding of the US find

  • American subordinates who act and react differently than Indian subordinates to be almost impossible to manage.
  • Themselves lost in determining how to incentivize Americans.
  • A lack of respect for their authority in the US, misunderstanding American interactions. Subordinates challenge Indian leaders in a way they have never experienced.
  • Themselves resorting to Indian-ize practices, creating a system of red tape Americans find impossible to work with.

IndiaThink works with each executive one-on-one. Our in-country experience spans many cities in India including Chennai, Bangalore, New Delhi, and Mumbai as well as across 20 plus cities in the US and in London.

For more information about our coaching practice email us at info@indiathink.com or use our contact form.


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