Globalized Challenges: Recruiting and Retaining Indian Talent

by Brandi Moore on April 6, 2011

“India: A Flawed Miracle” series continues this week in the Wall Street Journal. The writer explains in vivid detail the challenge organizations face when trying to hire in India. This is not something people talk about – but they should. The WSJ writes that 75% of India’s technical graduates are unemployable. I add that of the 375,000 that are employable great investment is made to develop these candidates into a workforce inside organizations. Wipro invests months into new employees, but they are not alone. The top outsourcers I interviewed recently for Outsource Magazine all have comprehensive programs to develop staff.

We often hear about the great opportunity India offers. Its much more complex than setting up an office and putting a want ad in the local paper.

Inside the outsourcing vertical in India, teams are assembled to focus specifically on attracting talent. These teams identify candidates when they are still in high school. They follow them through, assist them in testing to get into college and offer them internships while they are there. In short, without a strategy inside India, its impossible to attract and retain top talent.

One of the big areas that this article did not touch on is the aspect of branding. Without a strong brand like Infosys, Wipro or HCL it is very difficult to attract the top talent in India. We offer assistance at IndiaThink to firms entering India. When hired as advisors, we focus on developing a brand inside India. Brand development is critical because top talent wants to work for both a brand and its executives (who therefore also need a brand).

For more information on what the top outsourcers are doing to attract and retain talent inside emerging markets. Highly recommend you review the following articles.



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