HBR’s Online Identity List: Leverage Points for Cross Cultural Communications

by Brandi Moore on July 19, 2010

How can we communicate more effectively with India?  One of the best ways to think about communicating with India over email  is to treat your remote team like they sit right next to you all day long.  This is where most problems in India business relationships start.  A Harvard Business Review article posted Friday has a more emotional set of advice that Americans can use to think differently about engaging online with authenticity.  Three of these are great for using inside an India business relationship. The full list is here.  Many thanks to Alexandra Samuel for sharing insights.

The 3 Tips for Engaging India in Online Communications

  1. When you commit to being your real self online, you discover parts of yourself you never dared to share offline. Write what you would say to India to the teams face if they were sharing your office cube with you.
  2. When you visualize the real person you’re about to e-mail or tweet, you bring human qualities of attention and empathy to your online communications. Try to really visualize the person you are verbally screaming at in the email.  Would this be the most effective way to engage them if they were in the same physical office building as you?  Perhaps picking up the phone is the BEST option.  Go for the BEST option by visualizing the recipient as a real person.  When you hear a voice something magical happens: empathy picks up and conversations become more about accommodation on both sides of the connection.
  3. When you embrace online conversations as real, you imbue them with the power to change how you and others think and feel. What if every word you wrote to your remote team was recorded for all to hear and replayed at the next company wide meeting?  Are you communicating with passion and from a place of power?  Think about this every time you write an email.

Try these three steps and see what value they bring to India business communications.  These three steps will change the way you write to your India based team.

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