I want to Outsource. How?

by Brandi Moore on September 27, 2009

There is an old adage that says “only do what you are great at…….leave the rest to others”

This is the primary reason to think about how to outsource some of your firms responsibilities.  Do what you are great at…..and find others to do the rest.  Why does Sony make their own computers but Dell does not?   Sony has decided they are great hardware manufactures.  Dell’s secret sauce lies in the final mile where they specialize each machine to meet the users needs explicitly.  They are not good at making parts, the process of putting them together is their strength.

If you have a secret sauce and want others to help you work on the rest of the details, outsourcing is for you.

Think carefully about how you will start this new relationship with a business partner in India.  What is the first task you should try?  As with any new venture, sending the most critical aspects of your business to new hands is not smart and will likely keep you up at night!  Walk through and simplify your desires to something that

  1. can be put together in a short run.  can you get 100 made to check quality instead of 10,000?
  2. has limited impact on your business if it goes totally sideways.  outsource something that you don’t like to do but its not going to destroy your business if it doesn’t get done.
  3. you know how you want done.  don’t outsource something you are not sure how to do on the first round.  you will spend to much time checking /re-checking the work and will not feel confident about the end result.

There are many things to consider but get started.  A first step toward streamlining your business with the help from abroad can be small…it should be small.  It may cost a bit more but the dollars will be worth controlling the beginning of the relationship.

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