India Data: Global State of Information Security Survey in CIO Magazine

by Brandi Moore on November 1, 2006

CIO Magazine presented data from their annual Global State of Information Security in their September edition.  There is a section that focuses only on security in India which sounds the alarm bells for information security leaders in the US who already loose sleep at night over their data being lost through an open door in India. 

I can’t say it any better than the article so I am re-posting the paragraph that everyone with an India outsourcing relationship should steer to:

"The widespread absence of even the most routine security tools (patch
management, content filters and access control software) and policies
(secure disposal of hardware, business continuity plans, setting
security baselines for outside business partners) has left many Indian
companies vulnerable to serious attack and the inevitable financial
losses that follow. Extortion, fraud and intellectual property theft
occurred last year at one in every five or six Indian companies—rates
that are double and even quadruple those of the rest of the world.
Nearly one in three Indian organizations suffered some financial loss
because of a cyber­attack last year, compared with one out of five
worldwide and one out of eight in the United States. "You cannot take
information security for granted in India," PwC’s Lobel warns."

To repeat:

  • 1 in 5 to 6 companies were victims of extortion, fraud, and IP theft
  • 1 in 3 suffered financial data loss through online attacks

I encourage readers to look over the articles I have begun to collect in the security category.  These reports are hard to find so there are few posted.  The crimes that are prevelant relate to selling customer data to buyers for a variety of strange reasons.  Motivations and marketplaces differences should be considered when devising a way to tackle your Indian relationship with a data protection plan.

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