Indian Customer Service Training

by Brandi Moore on September 25, 2009

Customer service inside Indian call centers?  Most argue its terrible.  It doesn’t have to be.  Every customer service representative on the call center floor should be capable — and often is — of being trained to answer calls.  The problem is that most organizations do not spend the time to train their company’s voice properly.

If you have low value customer service as your self these questions:

  1. Is your training based on common sense?  Is this common sense shared globally?
  2. What assumptions are used to construct your training programs?  For example, it is assumed that the CSR drives on a particular side of the road?  Has a home phone? Really think about what someone has to understand to “get” before they can even start your training program.
  3. How often are employees trained? What is this schedule based on?

Every firm need to India-ize its training program. The steps outlined above are the tip of the iceberg but will get your firm thinking about their training practices currently in place and what they are based on.

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