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Brandi Moore is interviewed about sexual harassment in India by Human Resource Executive . Brandi provides advise to American human resource managers, who may be challenged by this problem inside their India locations, on how to approach this problem.

Brandi Moore was interviewed on Rural Sourcing in Crain’s New York commenting on the elimination of business culture differences, one of the biggest challenges in outsourcing to India, by using a rural sourcer located in the US.

Video Interviews:

Hire your virtual assistant interviewed Brandi Moore about the cross-cultural challenges entrepreneurs should be aware of when hiring virtual assistants. Video interview is available here.

Media Reel:

Overview of Brandi’s background and media reel is available by clicking on “video” at http://www.newscertified.com/experts/Brandi-Moore

Sample of Interview Topics:

  • Sexual Harassment in India
  • Business Challenges Americans Face in India
  • Business Challenges Indians face in America
  • Complexity of India and US Merger and Acquisition
  • Human Resource challenges in India

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Brandi Moore

Brandi Moore


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