2 Million Minutes

by Brandi Moore on August 3, 2008

The Gates Foundation is supporting the effort to enlighten Americans to their future weaknesses: their children.  This documentary, titled 2 Million Minutes follows a group of students from China, India and American throughout a school year tracking the students efforts and abilities.  American students are found to spend less time on their studies.  It is also interesting to hear that they do not think of the future and where their career/studies will take them with the same respect and effort as the India and China students.

I met someone recently who proclaimed that anyone born in the US is better off than other children in the world.  Just a few days earlier Gates was quoted saying that a child born in rural America has a dimmer future than one born in China.  I wonder when his thoughts about this will become more mainstream as I fear that he is correct on many fronts.

Gates has asked the US Congress to consider the data according to Silicon India:  “People like Microsoft’s Bill Gates have asked the U.S. Congress today to spend more to improve American education in math and science. Unless more students can be attracted to those subjects, Gates warned, the U.S.’s competitive advantage will erode and its ability to create high-paying jobs will suffer.”

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