Nano. Nano. NANO. NANO

by Brandi Moore on March 26, 2009

The world so needs something to cheer about.  We need invention, shiny objects, fascination, a need to understand…

One wonders if Tata planned the launch of the Nano car in the middle of this endless pit of gloom on purpose. 

USA Today called it the most talked about car….that is not in US show rooms.  I call it a WOW.  Here is something everyone need in India…but for some reason no one made until now.

The Nano has over 70 facebook pages filled with pleas directed specifically at Tata to "bring the Nano here, and fast" with a few concerns about "how fast" it will really go and extensive details on how to get on the waiting list.

Yes.  I said waiting list.  The first 100,000 will purchase the car through a lottery system and must put down 50% of the total payment. 

So, that will set you back about $1,500. Check it out yourself…

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