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IndiaThink now offers some of its courses to the public in our Online Academy based on the AIM methodology: Assess, Identify, Mediate.

Each course guides you through understanding of:

  • American and Indian preferences from a cross cultural business perspective,
  • how these different business culture preferences create challenges and
  • how to design solutions.

These three components are fundamental to leaders who want to effect change. Why? When leaders understand the dynamics of a cultural problem, they begin to take information they are seeing in with a very different lens. This cultural lens helps them look past what may be perceived as one behavior but is actually cultural problem. This is a life long skill leaders will use again and again each time they work in a cross-cultural situation.

Each course teaches several ways to design solutions by offering many examples. While many students use the specific solutions outlined, they will also see ways to design their own solutions specific to their situation.

Our Programs are detailed below:

Cross-Cultural Training: Managing Time, Schedule and Budgets in India

This course covers the following items:

  • How India’s business culture perceives time.
  • How the America’s business culture perceives time.
  • Cross-Cultural challenges created by these differences (overview)
  • Effectively Managing Time: Focus on Managing Meetings
  • Effectively Managing Time: Focus on Project Deadlines
  • Effectively Managing Time: Managing Expectations

This program contains 8 videos and 7 worksheets that will assist you in taking the content and putting it into practice.

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