Outsource Right the First Time

by Brandi Moore on September 27, 2009

The economy is looking up, how can you gain an edge when times are tight? Outsourcing might be the path.

Outsourcing can reduce total cost of ownership by allowing smaller organizations to leverage existing infrastructures at larger suppliers. Big companies do this all the time. Apple is a good example. Manufacturing for Apple products is not performed by Apple but by a third party who has the expertise to meet their specifications. The cost reduction comes in the form of reduced overhead for Apple. They don’t have to deal with operating the manufacturing plant. Neither do you.

A small business can take advantage of this too. There are many firms out there that can do this work for you that stretch well beyond a tee shirt factory. Almost everything you are trying to do can be done by someone using their existing architecture.

The question becomes how to you manage and weigh the following:

  • Strategic Risks
  • Results Risks
  • Financial Risks
  • Business Risk
  • Product Risk
  • Project Risk

These risk factors will be covered in coming posts to discuss this topic in depth

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