The BRIC Reacts to US Election

November 23, 2010

Here in the US we are still trying to understand what implications the new congress brings to the table – quite frankly most of us are trying to determine what it means to be a member of the Tea Party verses a Republican. While we wait for the answer the rest of the world has [...]

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British Airways Advocates Face-to-Face Meetings with India

November 23, 2010

British Airways is in the middle of their yearly campaign to help small businesses called Face-to-Face. This years campaign is especially compelling because of John and Erin from Benchmark Clothing. Benchmark makes flame resistant clothing in India.  When they ran into an issue, British Airways helped them solve it quickly by sending them directly to [...]

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When India is the Boss: Problems Americans Face

October 2, 2010

Indian companies are expanding into the US through purchases or by setting up wholly owned subsidiaries.  Infosys has one such office in Texas, Tata has several locations in the US including ash mines (for steel) in south and technology centers in the mid-west. Others have made investments into US corporations such as Avantha Group which owns CG [...]

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Walmart’s Strategies Tested and Modified inside India

August 17, 2010

Walmart entered India’s tightly controlled retail market with the sole ability to sell to wholesalers; India protects small retailers from large groups like Walmart.  Walmart recently conceeded that doing business in India has tested almost every aspect of their business model.  The following was reported in the Business Standard: Each purchase must be at least [...]

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India Legal Outsourcing: The Next Wave?

August 6, 2010

Mainstream Americans are becoming aware that one of our highly esteemed professions is being sent off shore.  Law firms are outsourcing by heading to India.  Offshoring legal work to India is talked about in whispers around me at cocktail parties “is it true?” An insurance advisor recently told me ”its against the rules of their insurance [...]

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Social Media in India: India Looks for MBA’s

August 5, 2010

The social media report from APAC was just released by Neilsen Ratings.  It provides an indepth understanding of the culture of social media preferences for each country reviewed (study chose to focus on Australia and New Zealand in the same report as India, China, Japan, and Korea) and is very detailed. For India the following [...]

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India’s Business Culture: Meandering Pace of Justice

July 22, 2010

For Americans doing business in India its critical to understand that India’s courts need to be the last answer to settle disputes.  This is why engaging India’s business culture with an ongoing strategy and understanding clearly how to continue a solid relationship is critical to success.  Relationships matter in India.  Relationships in business settings are [...]

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Navigating India Cultural Differences: FT: “think local then act global”

July 21, 2010

HSBC continues to serve as the model for those global corporations seeking to balance local preferences with a brand identity.  But does this model work for all companies?  In yesterday‘s FT article they interviewed several experts about the reality of globalization.  Specifically the article pointed to the fallacy that globalization eliminates business cultural differences.  Instead the opposite [...]

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HBR’s Online Identity List: Leverage Points for Cross Cultural Communications

July 19, 2010

How can we communicate more effectively with India?  One of the best ways to think about communicating with India over email  is to treat your remote team like they sit right next to you all day long.  This is where most problems in India business relationships start.  A Harvard Business Review article posted Friday has [...]

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HR Retention in India: More Complex than First Glance

July 16, 2010

India Knowledge@Wharton interviewed Infosys leaders about the iRace program a new HR plan widely criticized in India and blamed for the departure of up to 4K empoyees.  The Infosys program is culturally appropriate for India, but does the new IT generation demand something different? From India @ Wharton: Under iRace, there are three main criteria for role [...]

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