Priests Act as Spies Inside India Call Centers

by Brandi Moore on October 22, 2006

Some Christian groups have planted over 60 people inside call centers…

This article is off topic but a must share as a cultural side note. Seems that priests and other holders of the Christian faith are taking up arms inside call centers because they are “Unable to bear the tales emerging from Indian Outsourcing’s famous night shift, of condoms clogging toilets, live-in relationships, drugs and other joys condemned in the Old Testament.”

How many women—mothers of these young girls are totally freaked out by these accusations? These slimy priests, who one young describes as ““They are just desperate guys. They like to talk about sex to girls. And religious counseling is a nice, convenient way to do that” are in their glory as they blaze a war path inside the minds of the previous generation who is overwhelmed by the changes inside India and seeks out any story about how they are corrupting the society they know and love. Eeek! I love the idea that all of these folks have the open option to have sex in the bathroom! These are bathrooms with signs that say “HURRY UP and get back to work” and are used by hundreds of people. Is it easy to have sex in your bathroom at work?

As always, there is a nice scarcstic ending….“Times are changing. Everybody sleeps around. Why focus on call centres alone?” asks a senior executive of an outsourcing firm. “And, why do newspapers write so much about pre-marital sex?” Probably because, the ageing men in a newsroom with a pleasant grudge against the young would say, there is no such thing called post-marital sex.

If only everything was as exciting as it sounds.

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