Quiz: Do you need an India Specific Project Plan?

by Brandi Moore on September 14, 2009

Any project manager will tell you making a plan is the path to success.  Many firms looking to outsource work to India do not create India Specific Project Plans.  These specific planning tools create winning teams that deliver winning projects.

Take this quiz to see if you are on track.

How would you describe your relationship with your Indian outsourcer?

a.) Horrible.  They do not answer the phone when I call.  I am canceling.
b.) Ok.  We may send work there again but the Return on Investment was near negative.
c.) A partnership.  We have an understanding on both sides of the table what the needs are and how to get to that goal.

How many additional resources, beyond the plan usage, were assigned to get the project to completion?

a.) None.  We had a very detailed plan on what the project required and it was completely accurate.
b.) We worked with the Indian outsourcer who helped us determine how to best allocate our resources to complete the project.  They were very knowledgeable in directing us.
c.) Many more than planned.  We had to pull resources from other projects to bring the outsourced work to final delivery.

How late was the last project outsourced to India delivered?

a.) The project was delivered 6 months late.  We have canceled our contract.
b.) The project was a few months late.  We are not sure why that happened.
c.) The project came in on time and every aspect of the deliverable was completed.

If you answered C, A, C congratulations.  You are achieving the dream of outsourcing projects to India.  We are all envious of your success.  For the rest of you, an India Specific Project Plan can help you achieve the same success.

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