Sarah Palin Heads to India: What She Needs to Know Part 1

by Brandi Moore on March 10, 2011

Dear Ms. Palin:

You are heading to India. Fantastic. However, I remain concerned that you may not know all of the things you need to know before departing. With great concern for you and your image…this letter will get you thinking about what to wear.

sarah palin heads to IndiaDress for Success

For you Ms. Palin, this will not be difficult. We have heard a tremendous amount of detail on your pre-election wardrobe. Pack this up and plan on being dressed – UP. Avoid Alaska style rugged wear; India is a formal place expecting leaders of your caliber to be dressed for success.

Don’t do a Jackie O

While stylebooks are filled with pictures of Jackie Kennedy traveling through India, I want you to take it up a notch. Be aware that wearing sleeveless dresses while visiting the Taj  Mahal is a mistake, not a fashion statement. When visiting temples and other important sites in India make sure you are dressed with shoulders and knees covered. I don’t want to see you on TV wrapped up in a cheap cloth you had to purchase for 50 cents outside the temple.

Don’t Watch Outsourced for information

I know you watch Fox, but in case you flip over to NBC avoid thinking its new show called Outsourced has good information. It doesn’t. Instead it’s filled with cultural pitfalls and Americans looking ridiculous. Just avoid it.

Ms. Palin, I look forward to your successful trip to India. Tomorrow I will write again talking about what NOT to eat while in India.

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Juan Carlos Perez March 11, 2011 at 12:36 am

Love it! You’re so nice. Helping her out!

Mike Licht March 19, 2011 at 6:51 pm

Please remind Mrs. P tht moose is not on the menu in South India.

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