Sarah Palin Heads to India: What she needs to know part 3

by Brandi Moore on March 15, 2011

Ms. Palin,

Just a few more days until you are bound for India. In my last post we talked about honoring the hierarchy and planning for meetings (Indians are often quite late).

Today we are going to talk about the big issues inside India.

Think BRIC.

Don’t be like Obama, walking in expecting a bunch of deals on the table. Think about India as part of the BRIC. Understand that the BRIC countries like doing business with each other because they do business the same way. Keep this in mind during conversations and remember that in India, relationships are more important than transactions.

Read up on Partition

Every senior leader you meet will have experienced partition. Don’t have time to read up on this? Watch Gandhi on the way over. It’s a long flight, you have time. Once you are armed with this initial set of information you will understand India’s conflicts with Kashmir, Pakistan and the angst of partition in general. Avoid talking about this topic unless you feel that you are fully versed in the subject. Its complicated at best and western literature does little to shed light on the underlying details.

Understand Border Conflicts

Kashmir: Did you know that Dr. Manmohan Singh just released a book on Kashmir? “Kashmir and Beyond: 1966-84″ was released on March 9,2011. Kashmir is a tricky subject in India so be aware when speaking to Manmohan Singh that he has very specific views on the topic. Try to pick up a copy of this book when you arrive and preview what his ideas are. This is a win win when engaging with him. As an author yourself, its likely Singh will understand your ideas, return the favor.

China and Arunachal Pradesh: China has claimed part of India in an international territory dispute. Do you know what state is in question? Its Arunachal Pradesh. Understand why this is a problem and what India is doing, or not doing, about it.

We have covered some heavy ground today Ms. Palin. Tomorrow I will check back in and talk about Indian food. I hope you are visiting a local establishment where ever you are traveling before your trip so you know exactly what to order during your meetings. I can assure you a burger will be difficult to come by inside India making it a good idea to widen your food vocabulary.

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