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by Brandi Moore on November 6, 2006

As promised, here are the links to all security incidents mentioned during my talk today at CSI.  GREAT audience this afternoon, I really enjoyed speaking to all of you!

As I mentioned, there is some fierce security inside the call centers in India.  This article talks about the strength of physical security.  I continue to be puzzled about how people continue to walk out with data when these measures are in place…


1. MsourceE (owner of MphasiS) outsourcer for Citibank Heist

Criminals move $350,000 moved from US Citibank Customers accounts to local accounts in India. Actions performed by former employees (five were charged) who likely memorized account numbers. Citibank is reporting a loss of $425,000 or 17.5 million rupees.

2. HSBC Electronic Data Processing India Pvt Ltd

Employee sold identities to third party who used them to conduct fraudulent transactions through ATM and telephone banking services. Reported loss was £2.3 million ($4.3 million) and was found after over 20 customers complained of financial loss from accounts.

3. V-Angles British Telecom Data Loss

V-Angels reported theft of “extremely confidential and critical” British telecom data. Data stolen by ex-employee who sold the information to another party.

4. Indian subsidiary of US-based Parsec Technologies

USFour employees of Parsec Technologies arrested for stealing leads for refinancing mortgages from Parsec and selling the information other to call centers in India.  Loss reported in as 30 million rupees (known as 2 crore) or $681,813 US. SANS covered this story–forcing it into the eyes of may security professionals.

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