IndiaThink offers services for Executives and Teams to achieve revenue success inside cross-cultural business environments. Organizations can deliver revenue-achieving results inside the complexity of cross-cultural relationships when they develop the business skills required to manage them. Download overview here.

Our approach is based on IndiaThink’s AIM model – Assess, Identify, Mediate – a three step framework leveraged to assess how each culture approaches business.   Using the AIM Model will identify existing differences and develop mediation strategies to meet or exceed stated goals. In conjunction, we use the Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC)* to identify existing global competencies inside organizations.

Our Services:

Management Consulting: IndiaThink assists in merger and acquisition efforts to drive development and installation of a new culture that bridges the cross-cultural gap between India and the US. Please contact us for more details on this service.

Executive Consulting: Executives benefit the most from personalized consulting to quickly prepare for negotiating the India business landscape.  This service includes:

  • Individual assessment of global competencies using the IRC
  • Personalized development model for acquiring critical cross-cultural revenue generating skills.  For example, past clients have focused on negotiation, strategy, or leadership skills required for leading across cultures.
  • Twice-monthly meetings to develop and adjust strategies.
  • Remote assistance during India business trips.

Business Cultural Attaché: Executive program for rapid understanding of doing business within India.  Formatted to quickly understand the landscape of India’s business environment and how it pertains to and affects doing business in the country.  This service includes:

  • Five mini-seminars on Indian Rules of Negotiation; India Leadership Protocol; Best Practices for Remote Communications; and Indian Entertainment Customs.
  • Strategy development of strategies executive will use for common problems found in US India business relationships.

IndiaThink Seminars

IndiaThink offers cross-cultural seminars for both Indian and American audiences. Our seminars feature an in-depth look at the cross-cultural business preferences, focusing on the skills employees need to influence positive results. Our seminars can be targeted for specific verticals and groups inside organizations. A sampling of topics discussed include:

  • Differences in leadership practices between US and India.
  • Strategies for building commitment across cultures.
  • Management practices for leading directly and indirectly across cultures.
  • Application of Hofstede and Trompenaars cultural preferences to India and US business culture practices

In-Country Representation: Based on availability, IndiaThink founder Brandi Moore will represent your company in India. This service is offered for negotiations, management challenges and other situations where a business integration advisor is required.

Executive India Council: This exclusive group of executives meets yearly to share winning ideas and methodologies that have brought success in India.  Executives gain access to a network of solutions through members whose collective experience provides proven strategies and tactics as well as an executive forum to discuss looming difficulties inside India.

Cultural Readiness Tools

Integrated with IndiaThink Services are targeted tools that assess key competencies.  Understanding of results help executives and companies strengthen individual and company-wide productivity when doing business within India.  For example:

Executive Cultural Competencies Profile: Personalized profile, based on the Intercultural Readiness Check, of cultural competencies.  This tool is offered in conjunction with a 30-minute consultation with IndiaThink. It offers the following:

  • A personalized assessment of cultural capabilities
  • A personalized list of actions global managers can leverage to increase cross-cultural skills.

*Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC) is used to identify existing global competencies inside organizations.

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