Social Media in India: India Looks for MBA’s

by Brandi Moore on August 5, 2010

India Climbs Career Ladder

India Climbs Career Ladder

The social media report from APAC was just released by Neilsen Ratings.  It provides an indepth understanding of the culture of social media preferences for each country reviewed (study chose to focus on Australia and New Zealand in the same report as India, China, Japan, and Korea) and is very detailed.

For India the following stats were revealed.

  • Top internet sites are a combination of MBA forums, Bollywood chats and travel sites.
  • 57% of Twitter users in India have used it for less than 1 yr.
  • 32% of social media users use Twitter at least once a day.  This should increase with Airtels deal to provide Tweets over SMS.
  • The new Press Conference in India is held over Twitter through celebrity postings

India is the only country with a top site focused on education across all countries reviewed which is a telling sign of the importance in the Indian culture to be educated.

The report reviews the following:

  • Where each APAC country in the survey hangs out on the internet.  There is an extensive look at China’s preferences including a list of sites the Chinese prefer in every category.
  • Where growth is being experienced
  • How companies are cashing in on large sets of eyes on their sites.
Thank you to Mckay Savage for the image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mckaysavage/1026606495/

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