The BRIC Reacts to US Election

by Brandi Moore on November 23, 2010

Here in the US we are still trying to understand what implications the new congress brings to the table – quite frankly most of us are trying to determine what it means to be a member of the Tea Party verses a Republican.

While we wait for the answer the rest of the world has a few comments on our new set of politicians:

  • Russia, in a face saving move, is going to back away from the nuclear arms agreement Obama has been working diligently to get agreement on inside Congress which will not happen with the new leadership.  This is a missed opportunity as Russia over the next decade will see it as more and more important to have a heavy arsenal as China’s power grows in their backyard.
  • China loves Republicans because Republicans typically don’t care much about human rights.  Its unclear how Republicans will attempt to quell China’s rising dominance.  For a group that campaigned on fear approach of “working for China” its unclear how this message can continue to be delivered to the public in a way that sounds like they are managing a completely unmanageable move as corporations will continue to choose cheap labor.
  • India, stilling absorbing the messages sprinkled through the country by Obama is waiting to see how the demographic will change their status with the US.  Its not clear yet how republicans that ran on “we need more US jobs” will support their business supporters who need to outsource to be competitive.
  • Brazil, not a ton of commentary from Brazil who is adjusting to their own new president elected on the same day.

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