The Little BRIC Book: Your Decoder for Global Projects

It is with much delight that I announce the arrive of my new book: The Little BRIC Book: Cracking the code for global management of projects in Brazil, Russia, India and China which is for sale now on Amazon.  This book offers a simplified approach for tackling the complexity of working with the BRIC.  It turns out that the BRIC shares several business preferences preferences that are the OPPOSITE of what Americans perfer.

  • How organizations communicate.
  • How decisions are managed.
  • How power is distributed.
  • How employees work together.
  • How organizations engage partners.

Once you understand these preferences, and that they are different from your natural insticts, you can move on to the second half of the book that talks about action specific things you do every day such as:

  • Managing Conference Calls
  • Managing Time
  • Managing Decisions
  • Providing Feedback
  • Leading Indirectly
  • Influencing Teams
  • Recognizing Sincerity

and a whole lot more!

American organizations are setting higher bars every day that Americans must met.  Fifteen years ago most people in the work place did not have to be internationally savvy.  The world has changed rapidly.  Americans now must go beyond India, the most popular "first outsource" destination to other locations. The most popular of these are the rest of the BRIC.  For more on The Little BRIC Book go to www.thelittlebricbook.com.


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