Why US companies should start paying attention to security concerns in India.

by Brandi Moore on October 21, 2006

Yet another example of an Indian national stealing data from the numerous identity depositories accessible to call center staff. This article is confusing as it does not say where he stole the data from only mentioning the he indicated to undercover officers that he could and in addition could ask his friends to help if additional data was needed.

Additional digging shines light on the origin of these accusations-apparently they were made through an undercover investigation via Channel 4 in the UK.
Generate your own opinions on this piece with the knowledge that the Indian media is similar in many ways to the British demonstrated here with the tinge of sarcasm.

One of the items that is confusing to me—and I would LOVE to get an explanation from anyone out there who has one is this idea that “new call centers” starting up need names. This is not the first time I have run across this theme as a way that crooks are snagged. Is there this notion that a thriving business is precipitated by a viable call list?

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